Justice For Freddy Gray: Live from Baltimore iii

(Originally written April 28, After Monday riots)

I write this the day after because yesterday was overwhelming. The aftermath of the rally and the March was not what we wanted. It was not what we needed and it will not lead to the outcome we seek. That said, people need to understand that there is and there has been an extraordinary amount of tension in Baltimore for a very long time. Children in the inner city have battled with the effects of a lead poisoned water supply at their schools, starting in Kindergarten. Citizens have dealt with an overwhelming lack of government concern regarding their lives and the lives of their children, resulting in increased cases of lead paint poisoning – strategically in the neighborhoods of the poor and impoverished. One of the most famous hospitals for which Baltimore is known, experimented on children to test the various levels of lead paint poisoning a child could be exposed to over several years before affects of the poisoning finally manifested. These incidences among, countless others might help one to truly understand the real Baltimore. Its funny how people focus so much on HBO’s “The Wire” and the drugs involved, but they always seem to miss the part about the corruption in the police department. Sometimes, America can be quite dense.


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