Ready. Set. Repeat: Mein Kampf

The battles of yesterday today and tomorrow are ever-present and current within, and far from over, yet I am overwhelmed with the emotional burden

The weight

The stench

The ever-present lingering odor emanating from my heavy heart crushed and used yet ready to be burdened once more by the saga of the days as I go on, because I just can’t get enough


Enough of the tawdry play on the metaphysical intangible delight-able, time to set free of the redolence that weighs down your mind and heart and simply shower in the downpour of the new uncontaminated virginal life of the unsettled no-mans-land awaiting

Its what you want

And need?

To seemingly set you free…

Free from what? Emotion? Emotion is my fuel my catalyst my madness my ecstasy my darkness my light my satisfaction my merriment my delight my right!! My perpetual pendulum swinging erratic, Reproducing at undesirable rates of untold haste so rapid, rapidly rapping, multiplying , this pendulum of swinging emotions side by side, together, one , separate sporadic contradictory and consistent yet fully and awarely working as one, hasty emotion works in mysterious ways

Or so they say

But who are they?

These who say…


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