and so, she

And so it is, or so it seemed

As if relived, once in a dream

Not to recall, as leaves do fall

Almost remembered

Yet not at all.

And so it is, and yet not quite

She’s an unfinished, roaring delight

Never attempting

She never tried, but here she stood

Ready to fly.

And so is flight, reimagined life 

She gave her self, her heart and sight

Caring the least 

She fought for her, her inner beast 

Re-imagined life.

And so it is, or so it seemed

She is more, more than once dreamed

Never gave up

Never succumbed

She was much more

She was not done.


one moment

Give me a moment

I need a release

Give me my freedom

And leave me in peace

Nothing less, nothing more

Is all that I need…

Just give me a moment

To let me release

I’ve taken my freedom

Now leave me in peace

I need nothing more

No more than I need

I’ve taken my moment

To emancipate me

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I hope you enjoy this personal account of a young woman who takes on an ahupua’a… with a few friends of course! Originally written for a class. Now published under my alias “Cecilia Smith.” Very exciting… and scary :) Enjoy!