You Loved Me, I Knew You Would / Sighs of Ivy

Before I gazed into your eyes…

You’d taken me back, by surprise
Up above, you greeted from on high
No one knew what to do
But I knew it to be you.
And then…
I knew my wish had thus come true
I knew I needed you in my life
With you here now,
All seems just right
I never knew there’d be a day
When the familiar and the strange…
They come to play
Forcing me to stare
Not to turn away
They can never change me, not like you do
When life’s a mess, I think of you
I knew you before you ever knew me
Unless, I knew you before, you see…
But I swear I prayed for your to be
When I was just the age of three
I’ve never felt this way before
And I’ll never feel this way once more
You’re the only one that I adore
You’re the only one and nothing more
No one has made my knees go weak
And now I stutter as I speak
Affection shown is not discreet
Emotions felt grow more concrete
And now I know my life’s complete

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