Today, On the Subway (i)

On the A train, heading uptown to Manhattan. A cutie hops on at Nostrand, as they often do. He smiles. I smile back. He stands next to me. I’m like, ok. hehe… He is sweaty and warm – as we often are – after having layered up, only to fast-walk to the station, where we overheat underground (we never really learn, do we?). When a seat opens up, I decline to sit, he partakes. And the sweat continues…

My fine young gentlemen friend here, is dripping sweat. So what? Well he had to do something about it – and he did, and my god did he! He wipes his brow with his forefinger – all glisteny and moist and he examines it, for what seemed like 5 mins, but was more like 5 seconds – and he goes for it. He licks his finger as if it is covered in BBQ sauce and its his last meal!!!

Needless to say, I was shocked. Surprised. Confused. Speechless. Full of questions… why???????? mostly – entertained and excited that I could write about such a visually visceral experience that is obviously unforgettable. WOW! No words. No words.

I would have never noticed him, had he not been a cutie pe-tootie. Why did he have to be? I could have avoided this experience all together… damn.


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