Today, On the Subway (i)

On the A train, heading uptown to Manhattan. A cutie hops on at Nostrand, as they often do. He smiles. I smile back. He stands next to me. I’m like, ok. hehe… He is sweaty and warm – as we often are – after having layered up, only to fast-walk to the station, where we overheat underground (we never really learn, do we?). When a seat opens up, I decline to sit, he partakes. And the sweat continues…

My fine young gentlemen friend here, is dripping sweat. So what? Well he had to do something about it – and he did, and my god did he! He wipes his brow with his forefinger – all glisteny and moist and he examines it, for what seemed like 5 mins, but was more like 5 seconds – and he goes for it. He licks his finger as if it is covered in BBQ sauce and its his last meal!!!

Needless to say, I was shocked. Surprised. Confused. Speechless. Full of questions… why???????? mostly – entertained and excited that I could write about such a visually visceral experience that is obviously unforgettable. WOW! No words. No words.

I would have never noticed him, had he not been a cutie pe-tootie. Why did he have to be? I could have avoided this experience all together… damn.


aida of mine

chest pains / deep breaths / long sighs

are all I have left

so long
you’ve gone
moved on
all that remain
are your things that have stayed
and your notes
and your memories
and the good times that have passed
and every time we shared a laugh
like paco and magoos
and “two words”
and the lady with those shoes
and the amber and the bock
and “be cool” and the rock
the nasty doghouse and bobby G
and that nut Christina
cause she’s crazy
all of that I will miss
but you most of all
my dear miss
you completed this dysfunctional
and crazy right triangle
I’ll never forget and will always cherish
all of your faces cause they were the best

You Loved Me, I Knew You Would / Sighs of Ivy

Before I gazed into your eyes…

You’d taken me back, by surprise
Up above, you greeted from on high
No one knew what to do
But I knew it to be you.
And then…
I knew my wish had thus come true
I knew I needed you in my life
With you here now,
All seems just right
I never knew there’d be a day
When the familiar and the strange…
They come to play
Forcing me to stare
Not to turn away
They can never change me, not like you do
When life’s a mess, I think of you
I knew you before you ever knew me
Unless, I knew you before, you see…
But I swear I prayed for your to be
When I was just the age of three
I’ve never felt this way before
And I’ll never feel this way once more
You’re the only one that I adore
You’re the only one and nothing more
No one has made my knees go weak
And now I stutter as I speak
Affection shown is not discreet
Emotions felt grow more concrete
And now I know my life’s complete

Middle East + Art = The New Black

If you haven’t heard… been paying attention… opened your eyes, then I suppose you’d never know.

The Middle Eastern art scene is SO the trend right now. It is EXPLODING!!

Living under a rock much?

Questioning these words??…

Then how about you just see for yourself….

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 4.29.13 PM

The newest addition to the Guggenheim family will be brought to you soon in Abu Dhabi – who is, by the way, heating things up on the Middle Eastern art scene. So check it! The Guggenheim Abu Dhabi is on its way and will be a premier site to see in its newest home in the UAE. Can you say, “tubular?”

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 4.32.29 PM

Not to mention the newest addition to the LOUVRE family. Yes! You heard me. Louvre family, the Louvre Abu Dhabi is well on its way. Now making the Louvre less “one-of-a-kind” and more “one-in-a-family”, so to speak. Famed architect, Jean Nouvel, will be imposing his famous “midas touch” onto this project :) – he aims to please and it will certainly be splendid. Just look at this wild white wonder :)

Follow the hyperlinks for details into the future of art! And as always, Enjoy!

Graffiti + Art + Purpose


A Filipino artist has painted 35,000 dolphins across the Philippines. AG Sano, an environmental and artist activist undertook these paintings after watching ‘The Cove’ and became so overcome with emotion that he quit his job and dedicated his time to protecting these dolphins by painting one wall at a time.

Sano said of ‘The Cove’:

“I could not sleep after seeing ‘The Cove’ because of the images we saw. I tapped into the emotions flowing the next morning, looked for spare paint, asked a friend if I could paint his wall and he said yes”

Images of Sano’s work were posted on Facebook, and a stranger rang Sano offering his house as a canvas and this is when the campaign was born! Soon invitations flooded in and Sano travelled across the country to paint the images of dolphins, as curiosity grew so did peoples participation.

“Everyone who walked by – whether policeman, businessman, politicians, street cleaners – would stop, watch for a while and then start asking questions. I would explain my advocacy, offer them a paintbrush, and soon they would start helping me”

A year later and this awareness campaign has lead to 35,000 dolphins painted on more than 200 walls with  more than 25,000 volunteers. Ric O’Barry made a visit in 2012 and painted a dolphin with Sano, Sano said at the time of O’Barry’s visit:

“Having him here to support the local campaign against captivity with the intention of bringing the issue to the international arena is the most important thing that has happened to our advocacy. Once his brush touches the wall I shall call him our MVP – most valuable painter.”

Sano credits British graffiti-artist Banksy as an influence. Banksy also uses public art as a way of sharing his ideas.

“Painting dolphins on public walls to raise awareness was an instinct based on his influence. To meet one’s hero would be awesome. To paint a dolphin with him in the streets of London would be out of this world!”

The artists’ original idea was to paint one dolphin for each of the 23,000 dolphins killed at Taiji, Japan. However, he was asked by the department of natural resources to create the Philippines’ longest wildlife mural, a project designed to raise awareness for the need to protect the world’s oceans. In May 2012, 1000 volunteers joined Santo to paint a 1075m long ‘Biodiversity Wall of Nature’ in Quezon city, showcasing over 200 species of marine and mammal life in the Philippines.

AG Sano still continues to paint murals wherever requested. However, he now concentrates on ending captivity of dolphins in the Philippines, many of whom are believed to have come from Taiji.