5 months later….

This isn’t about a girl whining about the spilt milk that is her life after the death of a relationship. This isn’t going to be another girl pouring out her feelings and the drama that she claims she can’t bear to deal with, although it is taking a menacing toll on her livelihood like you wouldn’t believe. This is about a pathetic girl who continues to be haunted by the love that once was with the guy of her dreams (literally).

If she doesn’t see him, she sees his friends. If she isn’t thinking of him, she sees the bridge where they first kissed on their first night out and is reminded of him. When she tries to erase him, she is reminded of all the best times they had together. The list could go on….

Why can’t he go away? Why can’t she just forget? Why did it end? Why is this island so damn small? Why can’t she leave him and this place behind? What did she do wrong? Why does she allow him to continue to haunt her? Why is he still on her mind? What is her problem? Why do these questions seem to continue……………5 months later?

original publication: 7.7.2008/3:45am


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