To Hawai’i, With Aloha

The most isolated archipelago in the world – is my home. Regardless how far I may stray – I always return. More mature. More insightful. More aware. More alive. I love Hawai’i, and for more than its obvious natural outer beauty.

I love Hawai’i because Hawai’i loves me. I love Hawai’i because she always welcomes me with open arms – with an open heart -with unconditional love. Never have I ever found myself more entranced by an inner beauty – and it is likely I will never again. This oli (native hawaiian chant) below, is a chant I learned to show respect and ask for entrance onto native soil – into native forests and uninhabited lands. This oli asks for permission to enter Hawai’i, proving that I will not take advantage of her beauty, her fertility, her sustainability. Her love. Her aloha.

IMG_0979Noho ana ke akua i ka nahelehele

I’alai ‘ia e ke ki’ ohu’ohu

E ka ua koko

E na kino malu I ka lani

Malu e hoe

E ho’oulu mai ana ‘o Laka

I kona mau kahu

‘O makou (wau)

‘O makou (wau) no, a!!

I miss you, love.

Mahalo Nui Loa, annanimittee.


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