Quarantined by ‘At The Drive In’

atdiYou can find me on a warm summer’s day, lounging back under my favorite tree in my favorite park with my favorite cocktail in hand soulfully absorbing the sounds of At the Drive In.

A thoughtfully formulated instrumentally driven jam session as only could be concocted by 2/3 of the masterminds that also comprise the Mars Volta. Their eclectic mash-up of creative time signatures formulate an intelligent melodic design which was first introduced to us in the midst of the 90’s outpouring that was hardcore had dominated the airwaves.

ATDI possessed both that fervor and the intensity whilst intricately assembling an additional element. They were rhythmically and experimentally driven by a familiar yet distinct design made popular by their predecessors – the psychedelic experience reminiscent of our good friends Pink Floyd.

Categorized as progressive rock and post-hardcore musical leaders, ATDI returned after an 11 year hiatus to perform their signature raw live show for the 2012 Coachella sold out crowd. Their live shows have an intensity that the band claims, the albums have yet to effectively portray, and reportedly that is one of several reasons why they went on an “indefinite hiatus” back in 2001.

The Coachella show went off without a hitch and the band’s live show reunion inspired the circulation of an influx of rumors surrounding a new album and the possibility of a tour. Although, those claims have been denied by the band members themselves, we the people revel in the possibility of such romantic gestures of grandeur.

ATDI has had its way with the little punk inside of all of us that have given them the slightest chance. Now be fruitful little punk, and multiply.


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