Baltimore, DC, NYC, OH MY!!

Baltimore Harbor Sculpture

Sculpture Garden – DC
Union Square Find – NYC

Although I am somewhat familiar with all three, it is always exhilarating to travel for me. Regardless of the locale, I am open and ready for the experiences abound.  The food, the fashion, the culture — ALL OF IT! Traveling to various destinations, meeting up with friends and family, and of course meeting many new friends on the way and in the process. Baltimore, if you haven’t been, is quite an interesting place. Full of diversity, art and expression, creativity and uniqueness. A place where artists can be themselves and thrive because art is a way of life rather than a hobby.  It is who they are, it is not who they want to be.  Art is emitted through the pores of those who choose to express it – through their hair and their style of dress – it’s everywhere, man.  The confidence and swagger of the residents is unspoken, yet heard round the city.  It is a great place to visit on the east coast, yet often overlooked (I believe). Baltimore has a lot of competition, yet it stands out and makes a name for itself – which is no easy task on the East Coast. I mean where else can you buy a whole dozen of blue crabs; steamed and seasoned to perfection and eat them in the park at the National Harbor with a six-pack of Natural Bohemian (Natty Bo – beer) in broad day light mind you? Honestly, I don’t think anywhere but there, without getting in a fair amount of trouble with the law; in Baltimore on the other hand, it tends to be a common place kind of thing. Gotta love that!

Washington, DC. Well, I love this place. Even doing the most touristy of tourist activities, you find enjoyment and happiness. It is a whole new kind of atmosphere and interestingly enough it is only an hour’s drive (give or take a few dependent upon traffic) between Baltimore and DC. And considering how close they are, they couldn’t be more different.  The Go-Go music of DC is nothing like the Baltimore Club music, and everyone who has heard the two knows the difference and is VERY proud of their locally made music style. Not to mention the fashion styles of DC and Baltimore – very different and very unique – very fashionable and very individual. I, personally, love that. DC has so much to offer. The many Smithsonian Institutes on every topic and interest you may find interesting — love that! My favorite of course, is the Native Museum of the American Indian (its official title, I always call it the Native American Museum). Not solely because of my background, but because of the beautiful tapestries, hand-carved craftsmanship, attention to detail, quality and skill of the Native Americans of old. It simply commands respect, as it should. It also helps that this museum has a fantastic gift shop as well as the most AMAZING restaurant. This restaurant breaks down all of Native America into regions and has their traditional foods separated by region (fantastic): Pacific Northwest, Great Plains, SouthWest, etc. They offer everything from a pulled buffalo and slaw sandwich, duck and buffalo burgers, goat/kale/yucca soup, cornmeal fritters and everything in between! In addition, they sell the cookbook so that you may (if you want) make it all yourself. Hello! How fantastic!?

Now for New York. Well, what can I say? New York is where dreams come true. Fashion is made. Trends usually begin, before they are trendy. It’s one of the few places where you can quite literally be yourself and it is totally normal, absolutely natural, and completely recommended. No one judges you and if they do, who cares? Its NYC! and you might quite literally meet your next best friend, boss, girlfriend or husband around the next corner if you stay tuned…it’s that amazing. Dreams truly come true here and quite regularly. Around each corner you are sure to find the next new style of dress, soon to hit the runways NEXT year or hear the sounds of the next big thing coming out of Brooklyn at your local coffee shop.  This is something no other place I have visited can compete with. In addition, the food is always spectacular – and such amazingly diverse choices.  And since, I suppose I base all of my experiences on food and the quality of food in the places I travel to, I must say that the food I had in NYC (most recently) was absolutely divine! Artichoke Pizza in the East Village is phenom! Must check that out. Meske Ethiopian in Hell’s Kitchen is great. If you’ve never had Ethiopian, check it out, you won’t be disappointed. Also, Penelope off of Lexington Ave has GREAT breakfast, good prices and very relaxed ambiance. Super kitschy and cutesy – very stylish. Loved it. If you’re so inclined to have a drinky drink, check out Molly Wee Irish pub, (with authentic Irishman bartender, Paul, he’s awesome) great place and good times :) We went to MOMA — Museum of Modern Art — and that was great. Quite a large task to take, and I did so with great fervor — five floors in like 4 hours — but well worth it. They have Starry Night by Van Gogh there and an original Pollock (huge) and original Frida Kahlo’s and original Dali work and much more. You won’t leave sorry, although you’re feet might hurt :).  If you do go to NYC sometime soon, please make sure to have as much monkey loving fun as we did on the subway and in the subway. Its kind of standard practice when you’re there — tourist or resident :)